Write a review and earn rewards!

Moolka Toys values your honest opinion about products that we offer. By sharing your thoughts about a product you are helping others make more educated decisions. As a small token of appreciation for your great effort, we are offering a reward of $1.00 per review valid for future purchases.

Below are some frequently asked questions:

Are these reward points, and if yes, what is their value?
No, we measure our rewards in actual US dollars.

Is there a limit on rewards I can earn?
One review per item, no limits on number of items. Review 100 items and get $100 off!

Do my rewards expire?

Do I have to register?
Yes, unless you already are our customer. We do need you to set up an account with Moolka, so we can issue and track your rewards.

Do I get my dollar right away?
Almost. Once our editor approves your review, you will receive an e-mail confirming that your reward has been issued. Sorry, but we can not issue rewards for rejected reviews.

What can and can't I write? What are your guidelines?
Moolka.com reserves the right to review and deny any review. Below are a few things that could get your review denied:

  • Offensive or abusive language.
  • Information not related to the product.
  • References to other merchants.
  • Personal information, links to other websites, advertising.

    I got my reward dollars for all the reviews, now how do I redeem them?
    Shop as you would usually do, start checkout process, enter your login information, you will be offered to redeem your available reward dollars on the order review page.

    OK, how do I get started?
    Find the product on our page that you want to review and click "Review it here" link towards the bottom of the page.

    Have fun reviewing!